piX 5oo professional (including Dongle) Maximize

piX 5oo professional (including Dongle)

Controlling software with direct image processing, scene-based output profiles and PSB/EXR output

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Using piX professional you achieve the maximum in picture quality and comfort.

  • piXplorer 5oo tray: The new piXplorer 5oo tray automatically browses the inserted SD cards for piXplorer 5oo raw data and initiates its processing. So inserting the SD card into your PC is (almost) your one and only job. The rest is done automatically – you don't need to take care of anything. Furthermore, complete directory structures can be browsed and processed on command.
  • Scene-based output profiles: This feature eliminates image editing and optimizes colors and contrast. You can select in- and outdoor recording as well as a night modus. Additionally, you can set your own profiles.
  • new output formats: The lighting models were completely revised and we extended the internal processing from 8 to 16 or 32 bit color depth. New output formats like PSB and EXR are now available, so you can benefit from this extra color depth in your complete post process. 

Language: English and German

Note: This version can be used at any computer as long as the dongle is connected to the computer.

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